2nd Child

Today is the birthday of my youngest daughter.  She was due on March 28th.  My sister called me on this day 27 years ago to tell me to do nothing, basically don’t move because if I did I might have an April Fool’s Day baby.  Luckily that did not happen.  I could not imagine my daughter forgiving me had I given birth to her on 4/01.  Her personality has changed since college. She is very mature and she carries herself well.  She has had some struggles, but she works through it.  I am very proud of her.

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Breakfast with Teachers

Once a month a group of teachers message each other about a date to get together for breakfast before school.  It’s always a good time catching up what is going on in our lives at home as well as school.  A few months ago a student came to the same restaurant with his dad.  When it came time to pay the bill, we were told that he had taken care of it.  We were so thankful.  It was such a nice gift.  Often times someone will be running late and will text us to order their breakfast.  We have had many laughs and have heard many secrets.  We truly look forward to it.

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TC Lab

Every 3 months or so my fifth grade team visits another school in our district and we have a TC  (Teachers College) lab site.  We have been working together to do small group work with fifth graders.  We work in partnerships with another teacher.  We take turns teaching a strategy to two different groups of students.  Our strategy today was to synthesize when reading more than one text.  I had randomly pulled 2 texts about Mt. Everest.  The question we asked the students was after reading the first text, remember that  “lens” and when you read the 2nd text do you have more information or do you now have different thinking about the topic.  The students did really well and they found that they  had new information about the topic and they gave us the evidence from the text.  I’m not someone who particularly likes people watching me as I worked with  the small group, but it went okay.

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Thoughts of Spring

I walked out my door at 6:30, greeted by the beautiful sound of birds singing their songs.  Nothing like hearing their beautiful songs and the anticipation that warmer weather is near on the horizon.  It gave me more swing in my step and a smile on my face.  It wasn’t exactly warm, it was still in the 40’s, but it was a tease of what will be soon to come.  The weatherman announced before I left that there is a possibility of mixed precipitation on Friday.  That is typical of March in New England.  Who knows? Maybe we may have mixed precipitation in April.  I know the birds will hang in there and sing their songs. I have more spring in my step.

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Today was a busy day with meetings.  The first meeting was at 11:30 for the 5th grade team.  I headed to the meeting, but no one was there.  I ran into a team mate who told me it was moved to 12:00.  I was a bit frustrated.  I went back for the 12:00 meeting.  That morning I checked on the schedule which said that the visiting psychiatrist would be watching a gym class.  An hour later I was told that the psychiatrist would be in my classroom watching an hour writing lesson.  The child he was observing did well until the last 5 minutes of class, when he had finished his work.  I had him choose a text that he wanted to write a literary essay on.  He chose a story and I told him he should reread it to make sure that story would be a good choice.  He said he didn’t want to read and gave the story back to me.  At the end of the day I was asked to stand in for my team mate who has this child in her homeroom.  She had to leave for a dr. visit. The meeting was 80 minutes long.  I did not leave school until 5:15. A long day.

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Time with my sister

  1. My sister invited me for a birthday celebration.  We talked for a very long time about what was going on in her life.  She and her husband have been retired for over 10 years.  Now their 3 grandchildren and son and daughter in law are living with them.  Her daughter – in -law has cancer and is having treatment along with my sisters  husband. Life is not easy. It is very hectic and messy.  She talked about the  possibility of her outliving her husband.  I held her hand as she told me her thoughts about what she would do.  It is a conversation we all need to have with our selves, wondering how we will continue to live when our loved ones have gone.  Her conversation is weighing heavy on my heart today.
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Saturday Routines

On days when my daughter works on Saturday as a nurse I give her a wake up call.

I check  out our credit union to see our paychecks have been deposited and to check our balance and transfer money into our checking for any upcoming bills.

I subscribe  to Choice Literacy and Lead Literacy and I get emails each week.  I read through the articles and categorize them based on topics.

I am a graduate of 40 Hour Teacher Work Week and I get e-mails on Saturday for teaching strategies.

I check out the weekend challenge for Save Our Bones and it to my Saturday workout.

I have a coffee and a green smoothie.

Time to move on and get a shower.  Should I clean the house or should I do school work?  Decisions, decisions…  Both will get done at some point this weekend.


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