A Bystander

Yesterday I was visiting my mother-in-law at the hospital.  She had  a room mate who had a CNA that was helping  her with her lunch.  I was just standing near my mother-in- law when I heard the CNA bang her head against the wall and then she fell to the floor.  The nurse came running in and then they sounded a green alert.  There were at least eight people that arrived in the room.  They were talking to her, but she seemed to be having trouble making sense.  A couple of nurses asked me if she hit something and I told her I saw her hit her head and then she fell to the floor.  They took her away to check to make sure she was okay.   The nurse was very thankful that I gave her the information.

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Day 31 SOL

I have two daughters.  My second daughter has a birthday today. She is in New York and I will be calling her later to day to wish her a happy birthday.  We will be meeting up with her in a couple of weeks to celebrate her birthday.   Her due date was today.  My sister called me to remind me that I needed to make sure she was born on March 31.  She didn’t want me to give birth on April Fool’s Day.  Thankfully that did not happen.  My daughter Trisha would never forgive me if she had been born on April 1st.  Thankfully that did not happen.  I’ve never met anyone who was born on April 1st.  March 31st is a good day for the last SLOL and my daughter’s birthday.

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Day 30 SLOL

A crazy Saturday morning.  This morning was the 2nd day that my mother-in-law has been on the floor, unable to get up.  So we had EMT’s come to our house yesterday and today.  My husband went to get his hair cut and just now a man came to our house to start cutting down 2 very large trees that will provide more sun for our garden. Yeah! He didn’t knock on the door, but went to the back yard to start working on the trees.  Now my husband is home talking to the tree guy.

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Day 29 SOL 19

Restorative Yoga

There were only 4 of us last night for yoga.  We used 4 blankets,  2 blocks, a bolster, a belt and a chair.  We were told to breathe deeply into our diaphragm.  We had our legs up the wall and then we had to widen our feet on the wall making sure we were not hitting someone’s legs near me. The instructor asked us to connect what was going on on the right side of our gut.  Were we feeling movement in that area or was the left side where we were feeling a stretch.  I felt it in the right side.  I really enjoyed the class. I slept very well last night.


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Day 28 SOL

Today I had some free time.  It is a cold day today in Connecticut.  I wanted to sit in my car, have my lunch, and read a book about gardening.  The sun was keeping me warm on this 30 degree day in spring.  I was getting hot and I opened the windows.  I was listening to a podcast and my phone was plugged in.

I shut the windows for a bit and then I got cold and I shut the window.  I had groceries in my  car that I needed to get in the freezer.  I decided to start my car and take care of my groceries.  Unfortunately my car would not start.   I texted my husband and told him that I would walk home.  It would probably take me 45 minutes to get home.  My husband told me it is dangerous, there is lots of traffic and no sidewalks.  He left work early and he went home to the get the jumper cables and then met me.  All was good.  He told me to keep the car running for a bit.  Now I will be able to go to yoga in my car.  Yeah!  This is the first time that I had a dead battery.

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Day 27 SOL

This  morning my husband mentioned that he was going to go in late today to work.  I walked into our bedroom and I saw the iron wasn’t plugged in so I assumed he had finished his morning routine.  I put away the iron and the ironing board.  My husband walked into the bedroom and asked me where the iron is.  I thought he had already ironed his clothes.  I quickly got the iron and he grabbed the ironing board.  Oops!

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Day 26 SOL

Errands today:

Go to local library to spend some time reading and returning a book.

Possibly wash my car, but I doubt I will do it today since the temperature is in the 40’s.  Later this week the temperature will be in the 50’s and that seems to make more sense. I need to get more almond milk and Kefir.  I have to go to the bank to get a new code so I can take money out of my account.

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Day 25 SOL

Sunday was my day to get out the rake and start raking the leaves in our yard.  The lilly’s are starting to peek out from the dirt and the leaves which makes me happy.  The iris’ are also peeking out from the winter world.  Looking forward to the warm weather to meet the flowers that will put a smile on my face.  I made sure that when I was done raking the yard I quickly took off my clothes and threw them in the washer just in case there were any ticks that were hanging on.  It was decent weather.  It was in the 50’s.  I have more raking to do, but today is another day.

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Day 24 SOL

On Friday our CNA who takes care of my mother-in- law contacted my husband.  She had put in a glass container with a plastic lid.  Suddenly there was a loud boom in the microwave.  She googled if it was okay to put a glass container with a plastic cover  in a  microwave and she said Google said it is okay. She texted my husband because the microwave wasn’t working.  He told her it is pretty old so we probably need to get a  new one.

So yesterday we went to Loewes and Home Depot  to check out microwaves.  We ended up going to Loewes in the morning and then again in the evening.  When we decided what microwave to get we went to the only man in the appliance area.  He had to go to the back of the store to find  the microwave.  He walked very slowly.  We hung out near the desk waiting for at least a half an hour.  A man came to the table who needed some information.  We hung out with him and his dog for about 10 minutes.  I went looking for the worker, but didn’t see him.  Eventually he showed up with the microwave and a cart.  We went to the cashier and the price wasn’ t the price that we saw on the microwave.  My husband took a picture of the price.  The price tag was supposed to have been changed since it had expired.  We were able to get the price that the sign said.  So we were lucky.  Today my husband will be installing the microwave.

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Day 23 SLOL


Yesterday we had rain that turned into some sleet and some snow throughout the day.  It ended in the evening, but waking up this morning there was snow on our yard.  Not much, but it certainly doesn’t feel that spring is in the air. When I was driving yesterday their were a couple of pieces of ice sitting next to my windshield.  My iris bulbs are starting to peek out and grow.  That is my sign of spring for now.

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