Day 24 SOL

On Friday our CNA who takes care of my mother-in- law contacted my husband.  She had put in a glass container with a plastic lid.  Suddenly there was a loud boom in the microwave.  She googled if it was okay to put a glass container with a plastic cover  in a  microwave and she said Google said it is okay. She texted my husband because the microwave wasn’t working.  He told her it is pretty old so we probably need to get a  new one.

So yesterday we went to Loewes and Home Depot  to check out microwaves.  We ended up going to Loewes in the morning and then again in the evening.  When we decided what microwave to get we went to the only man in the appliance area.  He had to go to the back of the store to find  the microwave.  He walked very slowly.  We hung out near the desk waiting for at least a half an hour.  A man came to the table who needed some information.  We hung out with him and his dog for about 10 minutes.  I went looking for the worker, but didn’t see him.  Eventually he showed up with the microwave and a cart.  We went to the cashier and the price wasn’ t the price that we saw on the microwave.  My husband took a picture of the price.  The price tag was supposed to have been changed since it had expired.  We were able to get the price that the sign said.  So we were lucky.  Today my husband will be installing the microwave.

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Day 23 SLOL


Yesterday we had rain that turned into some sleet and some snow throughout the day.  It ended in the evening, but waking up this morning there was snow on our yard.  Not much, but it certainly doesn’t feel that spring is in the air. When I was driving yesterday their were a couple of pieces of ice sitting next to my windshield.  My iris bulbs are starting to peek out and grow.  That is my sign of spring for now.

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Day 22 SOL

Waking up this morning to the weather news that there is rain for the bulbs that are peeking through with signs of spring.

The weather man says possible snow flurries is actually a thing.

Although it will be in the northern part of the state.

Which is great.

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Day 21 SLOL

For the past couple of months my husband turns on the speaker and the sound of waves enter our bedroom.  My husband feels he is getting a great night’s sleep and so am I.  In the past he has complained about me snoring.  He tells me that he pinches my nose when I am snoring.  I never noticed him doing that.  I asked him the other day if he has heard me snoring and he said not since he started the sounds of waves in our bedroom.  I told him that I have not heard him snoring either. We have both been having sound sleep throughout the night.  Very relaxing.

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Day 20 SOL

Today my husband and I had some chores that we needed to do to help his mom.  While we were gone a hairdresser came to our house to cut his mom’s  hair.  She looked adorable and was very happy.   The CNA was able to help her get it done.  My mother in-law was very happy to have had her hair cut.  I told her that she looked great.

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Day 19 SOLSC

This week I have been following a  10 day podcast about health that is an hour and half long.  I have been listening to it in my car.  I find a sunny spot to get some sunshine and listen to this podcast.  It’s giving me lots of inspiration about meditation, faith in God, eating healthy and exercise.

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Day 18 SOL

A few years ago I was teaching 5th grade.  I had this girl in my class the year before when I taught 4th grade.  The girls name was Ira.  I was in the classroom when she came to my room.  I heard her say her cat’s name.  I went up to her and looked inside her backpack and there was her cat.  I asked he if she put the cat in her backpack, but she said she didn’t.  The rest of the class was coming into the classroom.  I picked up the backpack and told the teacher across the way that I needed to bring Ira and her cat to the office.  The secretary called her father who was about to go skiing.  He came to school to pick up the cat.  Ira was crying.  I told her it was okay, but not to bring her cat to school again.  She is in high school now and occasionally she sends me a hi message.

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