I was an office manager in a doctor’s office.  A patient came into our office and told us that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. We didn’t have a television,  but we had a radio that we turned on to listen to what was going on.  I was overwhelmed when I got home and saw the damage on the t.v. I heard about  the other plane crashes as well.  My daughter’s school had teachers on the bus with the kids.  I live not too far from New York.  It was horrible day for our country.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the families, who lost members of their family.  I am very thankful for the many police and hospital workers who were there to help those that were in need.  It was a very sad day for our country.

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Teach- Write Building a Writing Life

I am so happy I joined this group.  I loved the weekly check-ins and listening to the conversations.  I learned a lot.  I am so happy that Jennifer is opening Wednesday nights to check in with each other.  Writing is so much better when there is a community.  I learned a lot.  It’s going to make things a lot easier.  I have been a 5th grade writing teacher for about  8 years.    I have 3 writing classes every day for an hour.

I am forward to writing in front of my students and having them giving me feedback about what I am writing.  I love the TAG part of writing where students give insight and ask questions and give feedback.

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At the Beach


Jessica is 10 years old and she is biracial.  Her Dad is black and her mom is white.  She and her best friend Tara are spending time at the beach.  This is the first time she has gone to the beach with Tara.  Tara is an amazing swimmer.  She is not afraid of the huge waves and drifting out into the ocean.

Jessica’s parents never spent any time teaching her how to swim.  She is fine in a pool, but she is scared of  the ocean.  Tara kept calling  out to her to get deeper in the ocean, with a boogie board, but Jessica kept refusing. She was scared and Tara kept trying to get her deeper into the ocean which was making Jessica more and more furious.  She didn’t want to tell Jessica that she was afraid.  Tara told her she would be fine and she would help her.  Jessica, felt ashamed that she didn’t have the courage to go further out into the ocean.  She was trying to get over her anger. Tara wanted to play with her in the water, but Jessica would not budge.  She could tell that Tara was getting  upset that she wouldn’t hang out with her in the deeper water.

Jessica didn’t want Tara to be disappointed in her.  She went over to her and told her that she wasn’t a good swimmer and she was afraid.  Tara told her I will hold onto you.  You will be okay.  Jessica decided to try it out.  Tara had her hand on her the whole time while the wave hit them and brought them back to the beach.  She was a bit scared, but she thought it was a lot of fun.  She thanked Tara for being brave and helping her overcome her fears.

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I Could Have Avoided

Being an 85 year old woman I could have avoided all that trouble if I had checked my phone so it could guide me to my daughter’s apartment in Boston.  The phone kept telling me that it was losing GPS.  I had no idea of how to get to her apartment.  I knew I had to go through the tunnel to 90 and then 93.  I missed the directions to 93.  Eventually I figured it  out.  I got caught over a bridge near Quincy Market.  There was so much traffic.  I had some very close encounters when trying to change lanes.  In the end I was able to reach my daughter who gave me clear instructions.

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Basement Gathering

Setting: a basement

             Neutral Negative                      Positive
A good size

Lots of space



Dust bunnies all over the floor

Limited lighting

Unfinished Basement

Old panelling on the wall

Some of it is broken

Only one small couch to sit on.

Not wanting to sit on the floor

Lots of room for everyone

on the floor

Many types of insects in the room





Bugs hanging out in the dust

My allergies are bothering me

Damp and musty
Dust Choking from the smell Damp earthy smell
Hard to breathe Allergies are kicking in because of the mildew Choking a bit
Walls are rough The cement floor is damp Feels cold and damp
Bugs all over climbing up walls and  on the floor No doorway to the outside Uncomfortable
People complaining about the place that we are in. Gnats attacking Buzzing flies

Janie, was so excited to invite a bunch of people to her family’s basement for a gathering. She loved the idea that everyone was coming to her house and she knew her basement was big enough for all the people she invited.  She was super excited , writing a grocery list of food and snacks to get for everyone.  She noticed that there were some bugs in the basement, but she figured that no one would be paying attention to some little bugs.  The  music would be blasting and she figured the bugs would probably leave due to the blast of the music.  It was going to be an awesome night.

I really don’t know Janie that well. She moved here this past year.  I have sat with her at lunch a few times.  I was a bit surprised that she was inviting 20 people to her house in her basement.  As soon as I got there I noticed the musty smell in the basement.  My ears and throat started to feel itchy.  I didn’t bring any allergy medicine.  I notice that there were bugs all over.  I saw some spiders and there were flies and gnats buzzing all over the place.   There was a small couch that had enough room for three people.  By this time there were 15 people who were mostly standing and talking.  Janie brought out some food.  I got some water to drink and I had a slice of pizza.  The music was blasting, I told Janie that I wasn’t feeling well and I needed to get home.  I thanked her for the invite.


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Summer School

I used to teach Summer School during the month of July.  I taught remedial math and reading.  The last year I taught summer school I had 5th grade students.  Both of my daughters worked at summer school as well.  Chelsie taught a theater class for younger kids.  Trisha taught with her girlfriend a variety of topics including books.  Every year at the end of summer school we would go to a local restaurant and have lunch. The restaurant is called The Sycamore.  There is a juke box in the restaurant.  We ordered steak-burger, with homemade root beer and of course, we had fries.  It was a great way to end our July.

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Virginia Beach

I was in high school when I went to Virginia Beach with my mom and dad.  I was wearing a white bikini with a butterfly on my top and bottom. I felt like I had it all together. Of course I had a great book to read.  I have no recollection of what book I was reading at the time. I did go into the water.  I floated on my back.  I had lots of sunscreen on to protect my fair skin.

I was looking at the boys on the beach.  I was too shy to go up to any of them.  None of them came up to me.  I did have a boyfriend back at home who was away visiting his mom in Florida. It was a beautiful day. My mom and dad went for a swim.  My dad is a good swimmer.

Soon I would be moving to live with my sister in Connecticut.  I was planning to go to college in Connecticut.  She has two young boys that I would be living with.  I would helping her and her husband out by babysitting them when they wanted to go some place.

The day at the beach was memorable for me.  Having an awesome time before I left Virginia for good.  I was looking forward to a new beginning in Connecticut.

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