Summer School

I used to teach Summer School during the month of July.  I taught remedial math and reading.  The last year I taught summer school I had 5th grade students.  Both of my daughters worked at summer school as well.  Chelsie taught a theater class for younger kids.  Trisha taught with her girlfriend a variety of topics including books.  Every year at the end of summer school we would go to a local restaurant and have lunch. The restaurant is called The Sycamore.  There is a juke box in the restaurant.  We ordered steak-burger, with homemade root beer and of course, we had fries.  It was a great way to end our July.

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Virginia Beach

I was in high school when I went to Virginia Beach with my mom and dad.  I was wearing a white bikini with a butterfly on my top and bottom. I felt like I had it all together. Of course I had a great book to read.  I have no recollection of what book I was reading at the time. I did go into the water.  I floated on my back.  I had lots of sunscreen on to protect my fair skin.

I was looking at the boys on the beach.  I was too shy to go up to any of them.  None of them came up to me.  I did have a boyfriend back at home who was away visiting his mom in Florida. It was a beautiful day. My mom and dad went for a swim.  My dad is a good swimmer.

Soon I would be moving to live with my sister in Connecticut.  I was planning to go to college in Connecticut.  She has two young boys that I would be living with.  I would helping her and her husband out by babysitting them when they wanted to go some place.

The day at the beach was memorable for me.  Having an awesome time before I left Virginia for good.  I was looking forward to a new beginning in Connecticut.

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Time Change

What is going on?  My life has always been organized because I had a smartphone.  I could reach out to all of my buddies.  I could get help using my phone.   I woke up this morning and I am in an ancient civilization.  No one knows what a phone is.  How do we communicate? I know that I can have a conversation with someone, but they have no idea about my past life.  I can’t get them to understand the world of technology.  Why would they know about technology.  It’s too complicated to explain it to these people. I feel lost.  I’m hoping that I go to sleep tonight and wake up in the world I grew up in.

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Teachers Write: Quick Write with Traci Sorel

Spring Challenges

Strong storms including tornadoes.

No school for 3 days.

We had 14 snow days.

No internet so I went to the town library.

No luck there for internet.

We ended up getting out of school on June 29.

We got a survey by e-mail asking if we were willing to work on Memorial Day. 80% of the staff said no.

As teachers we had to track 12 hours of activity before or after school to make up our hours.

The Shortest Summer.

It is a bit of a bummer.

Trying to not count the days.

Doing my best to enjoy the summer in great ways.

Keeping busy reading books.

Joining Teach-Write to work on writing to show my 5th grade kids.

So I can show them the work that I did.







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Daughter’s Birthday


March Slice of Life

Today is my youngest daughter’s birthday and the last day of March Slice of Life. A double celebration. We will be meeting her in Manhattan for an early dinner with her boyfriend . She lives in New York. My other daughter from Boston will be meeting with us along with her boyfriend.

Acronym Poem for Trisha








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Cleaning up my e-mails


March Slice of Life

I get a lot of e-mails each day.  The past 2 weeks I made the decision to clean up my emails on Saturday morning  when I am in bed. It is usually over 100 emails. I look at some of them but I generally put them in the trash. I star a few to go back through when I have some time. It is a tedious task, but I get annoyed with the amount of e-mails I get. A girls got to do what a girls got to do.

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Spring is in the air


March Slice of Life

This morning  it was lovely listening to the birds chirping. The weather  was in the 50s. I went to yoga tonight. When I pulled into the driveway I heard the peepers.  In my backyard there was a robust chickadee hanging on the stair railing on the deck. Yesterday a fox crossed the road I was driving on. My yoga teacher told us there was a mallard duck hanging out in her tree. Signs of spring.

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