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Reflections on the Year

Due to the job market our youngest daughter moved back home with us.It was an adjustment for all of us. I am not a fan of clutter.  Our daughter is best friends with clutter.  At times our home was not … Continue reading

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Driving in the Snow

Not sure how it happened…. My husband informed me I had to pick up T from work. I had a snow day and was relishing my accomplishments, a book read, lesson plans done for after the holidays, and a nap … Continue reading

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Lessons from a daughter

‘Been thinking about feeling disconnected from my daughter for the past week or two.  Last night I was addressing an envelope to her for her birthday and the phone rang and it was her.  Wonderful, long conversation.  She shared  some … Continue reading

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Weekend Observations

Car flipped over on the highway, luggage spilling from the trunk Hugging family members Seeing my sister looking healthy after months of chemo and radiation Laughing until tears were running down our faces A brisk walk in the morning at … Continue reading

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