Yesterday I wrote about yoga before going to my yoga class.  The 3rd week of he month is all about back bends and boy did we do back bends.  Part of the class was having the front of our bodies against the wall and bending backward and reaching the floor.  We did a lot of work with chairs in a variety of poses. Our quads were burning.  My upper back is feeling a bit tight, but all in all it was a good class.  The last week of the month is all about restorative yoga.  The class ended up being 2 hours.  I’m looking forward to next weeks class.

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Iyengar Yoga

I have been doing yoga for the past 8 years.  I go once a week to a woman’s house.  There are at least 8 other students in my class.  We are all older.  I really enjoy yoga.  My teacher is kind and helpful.  I like most of the poses, but I struggle with hand stand.  I used to have trouble with head stand, but I am getting better, I just have to make sure my ribs are not protruding.  I always have trouble when she tells me to lift my butt. Being upside down kind of confuses me.  The class is usually an hour and 45 minutes.  I feel rejuvenated after yoga.

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World Water Day


March Slice of Life            

This is the 3rd year that our fifth graders have celebrated World Water Day.  It began 3 years ago when the fifth grade team read the book, A  Long Walk to Water.  We worked as a school to fund raise money for a well in Sudan.  Through the Gates Foundation we came across the idea for students to create paper beads because at the time the Gates Foundation was  giving a $1.00 for every bead.  Fifth graders went to the lower grades with magazines and taught the students how to make the beads.   We made over 1,000 beads.  This is our 3rd year that we have gone on a field trip to Nestle to celebrate World Water Day.  Students are put into stations and learn a great deal of information about the amount of usable water there is in this world. Not much.  They also learned about recycling.  It is always a great time.

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Today is the day that I launched our 5th grade Literary Essay Unit with my 3 writing classes.  I had students annotate a literary essay that a 5th grader had written about the story Eleven.  My class did pretty well with the lesson.  My second class was not happy with having to write a literary essay.  They were very off task and it was not as productive as I would have liked.  My last writing class cheered when they heard we were starting the unit.  During the start of the lesson my principal came in and sat down with her computer.  Obviously an unsheduled observation.  I was very grateful that she observed me with this class because they were very engaged and had some great conversations about the claims the author wrote about and identified specific evidence.  Hopefully my principal saw what I saw.  Time will tell.  It’s my last observation for the year, I am grateful for that as well.

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Day Off

Today  I took a family leave day to help out my sister who is taking her husband to NY for surgery.  Her daughter-in-law  had surgery this past week.  I am helping out my sisters grandchildren. I am  going to be entertaining her 3 year old grandson who is very active.  In the afternoon I will be taking her granddaughters off their bus and helping them with their homework.  I’m  a bit concerned with my lesson plans.  I was supposed to start a literary essay, but I couldn’t leave that for a sub. So I found a creative writing topic for my 3 writing classes to work on.  I am a little concerned because I put it on Google Classroom and I am hoping it works for the kids. I usually have  a student test it so I know it will work, but I didn’t have a chance to do that. My plan is to reach out to another teacher to have her send me my subs phone number so I can text her in case it doesn’t work.

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A Day With My Girls

My two daughters were home for a late celebration of my birthday.  We went and got a mani/pedi for my daughters dog (a nail clip with a muzzle on.  Out plan was to go to the 12:30 Beauty and the Beast movie, but when we got there it was sold out.  So we did some shopping at Home Goods, Marshalls  and T.J. Max.  My younger daughter has a bad cold and chose to sleep in the car during our T.J. Max shopping. We went back to the movies at 2:30.  We had gotten tickets earlier, but the line was ridiculously long. Fortunately we were able to get in.  We ended up in the  third row of the theater.  The movie was great. It brought back many memories of the Disney movie.  I love having time together with my girls.

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A Coming Change

I wake up from the sound of a whine at 3:30, I open the door and greet Rufus.  I walk to the kitchen as he runs around in circles anticipating a drink of water.  I give him some water and go back to bed.  Three hours later, the morning dawn is lighting my bedroom.  It seems so peaceful.  I let Rufus onto the bed and cuddle with him.  He prefers to go under the covers and drops his body close to my feet.  My daughter has come home this weekend to bring him to Boston.  We have had him for the past 3 months.  My husband and I know we will have more uninterrupted sleep when he is gone, but he has a place in our hearts.  We will miss the sound of his tappy tapping.  We have been invited to visit him in Boston, but it won’t be the same.  We also know that there will be other babysitting opportunities.

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