The Teacher Act


March Slice of Life

I am in a district with 6 elementary schools. We are the only school that does a Variety show. We of course have a teacher act. We danced to a Justin Beaver song. We got a standing ovation from the kids and parents. This is my 10th year participating in this event. Our principal bought  pizza & salad. It was a good night.

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District Meeting with 5th Grade Writing Teachers


March Slice of Life

Today I had the opportunity to meet with 8 other writing teachers in 5th grade. There were a total of 9 teachers. It was the first time we had ever met together. We created a Google Classroom & a team drive where we can share our lessons & materials. We talked about grading using the TC rubric which  takes a lot of time to grade. A couple of schools shared a 10 point rubric using the same categories from the TC rubric which will save a ton of time when I am the only writing teacher with 56  students. We plan to meet again in May.

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March Slice of Life

I am grateful that my mother-in-law appreciates what we do for her.

I am grateful that my husband and I are working together to help her.

I am grateful that we are a great team.

I am grateful for the teachers that I work with.

I am grateful that once again I will be on the stage tomorrow for our Teacher Act in the School Variety Show.

I am grateful for my health, eat a lot of vegetables and greens and I work out regularly.

I am grateful for my two wonderful daughters and my 3 sisters and my two brothers.

I am not grateful that summer holiday will not start until the end of June due to all of the snowstorms this year.

I am grateful that my husband suggested I visit my daughter in Boston for a few days during the spring break.

I am grateful for the Slice of Life March Challenge.

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Writing Class

After being home for 3 days of northeasters & a weekend I was impressed with my 3 writing classes. They were working on finishing their Westward Expansion papers. They were in good moods asking a variety of questions. It was a good day. I was grateful for their energy. This morning we were hit with another northeaster. I have been grading papers that students gave me before they left. Overall they did well. Some have some parts to work on to increase their scores. A bunch forgot citations, but that should be an easy fix.

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It has been 11 weeks with my mother- in-law living with my husband and I.  We have a wonderful CNA who comes during the week and is very passionate about her work.  My mother-in- law has some days where she is pretty coherent, but there are days where she seems lost.  We often  have to tell her where the bathroom is and where her bedroom is.  They are just down the hall.  She has dementia and has to use a walker to get around. This morning she was calling for her (deceased) husband.  We think that she was confusing her son with her husband.  She is very appreciative of our help.

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Saturday Morning

It was dark. My eyes were open, I checked my phone. It was 6:00. I tossed for a bit & fell back asleep. I rarely do that. A couple hours later the bright sun woke me up, a beautiful morning outside. The sun was reflecting off the snow, bright blue sky with fluffy clouds. My husband served me coffee in bed. Lovely start to the day.

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3rd Snow Day

With the weekend I will have had a 5 day vacation. I was able to look over 52 papers on Westward Expansion, finish my report cards, and run some errands .I plan to get some exercise today. I will wait until  my mother-in-law is in bed. I have laundry to do as well. I am trying to be productive and I plan to finish a book to share with my students.

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