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The past two years you have endured endless tests to determine what ails you. Today as I drove home with you with a tube taped to your face and a monitor hanging around your neck, my mind wandered thinking about … Continue reading

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Break Up

We are a team of three We had many days full of glee Last fall our team became departmentalized Our proteins and sugars became carmelized Our names were an acronym for SOUL We had lots of fine goals It has … Continue reading

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Thoughts about blindness

Last summer I was waiting for my daughter to board a greyhound bus.  It was a holiday weekend and there was a long line of people hoping to board the bus.  I amused myself by watching the travelers.  During the … Continue reading

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Conversation with a reluctant writer

Teacher:  You have an exciting topic idea for your feature article.  You feel passionate  about the topic  go-kart racing.  Part of writing a feature article is to include  a different perspective that others may have.  Your classmates told you that … Continue reading


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