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Here I am in Connecticut.  Autumn is beautiful here compared to California. I have enrolled in college along with my sister.  Today is my birthday, but I am not happy.  My boyfriend from California is fighting in Vietnam.  I pray that he will survive this terrible war.  There is so much news about the war.  People are protesting out on the streets and it is televised on t.v.  I can’t help knowing how hard it must be for him to fight for our country knowing that people in our country are angry about it.

I am outside, the air is cool, and it is very peaceful.  I look up at the half moon and imagine that John is looking up at the moon as well.  There is an eleven -hour difference, so that is not happening, but I want to imagine that maybe in eleven hours he will be looking at the moon and thinking of me. Tears stream down my face as I wipe them away.  I make a wish on the moon for his safety and I go in and write him a letter.


About showgem

I am a wife, a mother, a fifth grade writing teacher, a sister, a daughter, a sibling, an aunt, a cousin, a friend, a co-worker, a yoga practitioner, a learner, a reader and a writer.
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