School Cafeteria

It was September and I was new to Woodley Hills Elementary School.  I had a few girlfriends which came in handy.  There was this boy in 6th grade who made me a bit uncomfortable because he would stare at me when I passed him in the hallway.  He never said anything to me.  He just stared.

Lunch time in the cafeteria was the worst.  He would position himself so that he could stare at me as he ate his lunch with his buddies.  It didn’t take me too  long to gather my girlfriends to sit across from me and block my view of him.  I am short so that worked in my favor.  It was creepy.  Over time I developed a strategy  to straggle into the cafeteria after he had positioned himself and I would search for a spot where my back was to him.

Throughout the year he never talked to me, but he showed up at my house with a friend, and knocked on the door, but I did not answer the door.

Oh, Margaret, I want to read more!

This is very compelling. I’m really curious about the boy: is he menacing or misunderstood? You could give some hints about this through your details. What’s he wearing? What’s he eating? What is your character eating? How you describe these will help to set the mood even more strongly. Nice work!


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