March Slice of Life

March Slice of Life

Snippets from a podcast with Desmond Tutu

Well, I mean, God is a god of surprises. I mean, I’ve sometimes said God’s sense of humor is quite something, you know.

… I was amazed, first of all, at how powerful an instrument it is being able to tell your story.

I wonder also, is it right you were 63 years old when you voted for the first time? What was that like?

How do you describe falling in love? I mean, people asked then when we voted for the first time. It was an incredible experience. For you, going to the poll box is really a political act. For us, it was a religious act. It was a spiritual experience because, you know, you walked into the polling booth one person with all of the history of oppression and injustice and all the baggage that we were carrying and you walk and you make your mark and you put the ballot into the box and you emerge on the other side. And you are a different person. You are transfigure.

.…you’ve written this so many times, “God is in charge,”

Well, I mean, you must add that I’ve sometimes said to God, “It would be nice for you to make it slightly more obvious that you’re in charge.”

I mean, when you encounter somebody good — just take the Dalai Lama…

 Right. Your friend the Dalai Lama.

He’s laughing. And people flock to hear him. And, I mean, he doesn’t even speak English properly, you know. [laughter]


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