The Towers

It is difficult as an elementary teacher to know what to do on September 11 in the classroom. I live in an area where there are many commuters to New York City.  Many of the school population was not born during that time.  We are advised to keep talk to a minimum.  As a school we had a moment of silence.  This year as in previous years I read the book, The Man Who walked Between the Towers.  The last pages hint of the tragedy “Now the towers are gone. But in memory, as if imprinted on the sky, the towers are still there.”  The students are enthralled by the pictures and the story.  It helps them to understand the Twin Towers are an important part of our history for many reasons.


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5 Responses to The Towers

  1. It’s hard to walk the tightrope (No pun intended. I do know the book very well.) of saying too much or not saying enough. However, I think our society is becoming complacent when it comes to September 11th tributes. It’s not just the media. I even heard tonight that one town in Northern NJ decided to stop doing their annual memorial/tribute to those from the town who died. Last year, the 10th anniversary, would be the last one. What message does that send to those who lost loved ones?
    Great selection of a book. Another good one is the Adventures of the John J. Harvey by Maira Kalman. It teaches a bit about the significance of the day without scaring kids about the implications of the attack.

    • Margaret Ouellette says:

      That is disturbing that a town would choose to stop their memorial. Where is the outcry? Thank you for the book selection. I will definitely check it out.

  2. I agree with Stacey – we were encouraged to talk more about “Patriot Day” today and less about the historical events. We mustn’t forget the history. We were taught all about WWII and it all happened before we were born.

  3. blkdrama says:

    I think kids want and need the time to talk and digest these events in their own history.

  4. newtreemom says:

    I hope my school will always continue our tradition of having a remembrance of 9-11.

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